Assisted living centers represent an alternative for elderly people who are not able to live alone and without any type of family support to carry out the most basic daily activities, but they do not necessarily need 24-hour and continuous surveillance. As the term says, it is about offering assistance, while maximizing their independence.

Assisted living in Rosarito: services offered

The Centers assisted living Rosarito have as their main objective, offering residents a social environment where they can interact in ways that are beneficial to your mental and physical health. This is why within the care programs are:

  • Nursing service with pharmacy.
  • Continuous monitoring.
  • Complete feeding.
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy services, if deemed necessary.
  • Occupational therapy.
  • Attention to physical or mental disorders, previously diagnosed.
  • Dietary and nutritional guidance.
  • Social worker service.
  • Leisure activities such as book clubs.
  • Cultural activities such as concerts or trips to the movies.
  • Recreational and fitness activities with exercise and wellness programs.

These assisted living centers can accommodate, according to their size and capacity for care, from 25 to 120 people approximately. These people have their own space, be it a cabin or apartments or rooms, likewise, they can enjoy common areas to socialize with the other inhabitants of the place.

The levels of care will depend on the budget of the families or the resident himself.


Dentists in Tijuana; an important service within assisted living residences 

Among the services offered by this type of residency, there is the dental service, which is why they have dentists in Tijuana with extensive experience and expertise so that, through the care of their oral health, the resident has complete and satisfactory assistance. As is well known, oral health in older adults is an important aspect because it can affect both their nutrition and their diet, due to the wear and tear produced by the years in the teeth, by the ingested medications and the negative habits that directly affect the functionality and aesthetics of the teeth.

Due to the large offer of centers assisted living in Rosarito, it is important to make sure that the person can adapt well to the environment, so it is necessary that before making any type of decision, a structured search is carried out and the type of treatment is thoroughly evaluated. services that the elderly person really wants and needs, because the ideal is that the place where they will be residing, provides the necessary well-being to maintain a good quality of life.

Of course, these centers offer different levels of care, which is related to the needs of the residents and, as expected, the families’ budget and what they are willing to pay for care services.