How to support the elderly in the family

For the elderly, the word family occupies a very important place. It is for them that they have sacrificed in some way throughout their lives. The word family is not limited only to those who have the same blood ties, but also to their friends.

When people reach the senior age they are faced with numerous losses, sometimes from friends, family, independence, and even from their job, due to reaching the age of majority, which can be a very strong blow for them, because the activity that they have done for many years is taken away from them in a moment.

It is important that older adults feel loved and important to others. Allowing them, for example, to help organize a birthday party, go for a walk with the family, have an activity that piques their interest, or take them on vacation to interesting places, it  can be a really good idea.


Help them to have a new image

Reaching the elderly is not easy, looking in the mirror and noticing your white hair, wrinkled face and your body different even when you feel like you are younger is difficult, so a good way to help someone of the senior age in the family is to take them  to a place where experts can help them improve their image. 

Liposuction in Tijuana  is one of the most acclaimed to be highly effective, you do not imagine how it can change the look and life of an elderly, particularly women, when they have a makeover

Getting their teeth fixed, and buying new clothes will always cheer them up, as well as keeping them in mind as counselors. You have to be very patient when they want to tell their stories over and over again. Remember that this helps them stay connected to their past. 

If you do not have much time to care for your elderly, there are retirement homes in Mexico with day programs where you can take them to be with other people of the same age during some hours of the day. 

Dance classes, swimming, games, courses of different activities, and even walks are designed by specialized people so that older adults can be happy and have good health. 

In addition, they can come home in the afternoon or evening with new experiences to share. Some of these nursing homes have day care, so you don’t necessarily have to take the older adult who lives with you there every day. 

You must always be aware of the health of the elderly person who lives with you, and give them all the love, attention and understanding they deserve. 

Older adults love to have contact with their grandchildren, because it fills them with joy, children have many interesting questions to ask and older adults like to answer them, but do not leave children in the care of these people all the time, give them space for them to have fun with their friends, and thus they will continue living with joy and tranquility.